16 Colorful Tops Perfect For Your Next Zoom Meeting

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Virtual meetings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even as the country slowly reopens, working remotely will be a whole lot more common than it was in pre-pandemic times.

With all of this time spent at home, we’ll all be looking for ways to stay positive and focused during our day-to-day. We already talked about the idea of happy dressing and how using color can be a great way to boost your mood, but we haven’t mentioned how incredible bold, bright colors appear on screen. Specially since very few of us are still applying a full face of makeup, wearing saturated colors can liven up our complexions and step-up our on screen personas.

When choosing which color to wear for your next virtual meeting, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Will this color enhance my skin tone?
2. Will this print be distracting? (Tiny, ditsy prints usually are. If so, go the safe route with a solid.)
3. What will be the backdrop for this call? Will this color top complement it?

Ready to hop on the colorful dressing bandwagon? Keep reading for our curated lineup of the best zoom-ready blouses and sweaters out now.

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The Best Tops For Virtual Meetings

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