How Boutiques Are Stepping Up Their Game

In today’s world where instant gratification is the norm, online shopping has become the place where people all over the world make most of their fashion purchases. Luxury fashion retailers have realized that in order for them to stay competitive, they need to step up their game and figure out how to draw traffic into their stores. VT stylists Jesse Garza and Lisa Marie were out west in Los Angeles this past week and they were pleasantly surprised at the luxury services and unique shopping experiences boutiques like Maxfields and A’maree’s offer their clientele. According to Co-Founder and Lead Stylist Jesse Garza, when it comes to brick and mortar:

“it’s all about the education, experience, and service

For a fashion expert like Jesse who’s witnessed the switch over from fashion magazines and brick & mortar stores to social media and online shopping first hand, he understands the dire need to drive customers into physical boutiques. What many online shoppers don’t realize is that boutiques have very tightly curated collections, one of a kind pieces, and brand exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else. This is why our stylists spend so much time powering up and down Madison Avenue visiting the stores, they have to make sure they find the hidden gems for their clients!

Jesse and Lisa Marie also realized that impeccable customer service can be a total game changer. The sales associates at Maxfields and A’maree’s did everything in their power to make the shopping experience a luxurious and comfortable one—from creating a private space for the client to offering food and beverages, it’s safe to say our client was very pleased and more inclined to spend! There is truly something to be said about shopping at exclusive boutiques like Maxfields and A’maree’s—they are able offer one of a kind retail experiences that most definitely cannot be found online. See some of our favorite shots from our day at A’maree’s below, we think it’s definitely worth a special trip for anyone in the Los Angeles area.