Why Do You Get Dressed?

Uniqlo’s first-ever global campaign poses an important question: “Why Do We Get Dressed?”

“Do you just throw something on because you’re late?” the voice asks.”Do you ask yourself, ‘Can I pull this off?’ or, ‘Am I fitting in?’ Why do you want to fit in? “Do you choose based on your mood, on the weather? The weather can change your mood, just like that…”

Interestingly, it isn’t so much the clothing we notice as the people—their expressions, their body language, and mood, illuminating the idea that an outfit doesn’t necessarily draw attention to itself; it reinforces who we are inside.

We always say: “It’s not the dress, but what’s in the dress, that matters,” and love that one of our go-to brands for casual pieces supports that philosophy.

visual therapy stylists | Jesse Garza Kellye Henton