Wellness: So, You Want A Six Pack?


Here at VT, we’re all about being the best version of yourself—meaning everything from your wardrobe to your personal wellness. We believe that personal style is not about chasing the latest trends, but about finding the pieces that make you feel empowered. The same goes with fitness—it’s not about the hottest workout or about a six-pack, but about finding a form of movement that makes you feel good from the inside.

What recently came up in an office conversation is the subject of the six-pack. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel strong, but everyone’s expression of it is different. Having a six-pack is not necessarily a sign of health, strength, or optimal wellness.

We define wellness as the state of feeling like the most strong, radiant version of yourself.

Whether it involves a six pack or not, let’s agree to be kind to ourselves.

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