VT Home: The Edge of Classic

VT Home: Classic Meets Contemporary

Working with clients throughout the years, we’ve noticed that people are much more apt to be experimental and expressive with their fashion than their furnishings.

Often clients have inherited important or even nostalgic pieces of furniture that may be a bit more classic than they would choose on their own, but they find it difficult to part with them. Or maybe the home itself is extremely classic but the client is a bit more modern and desires a younger, fresher approach. Whatever the case, this week we are presenting you with incredibly chic options so you can infuse an edge into your home’s style and update your classic.

Tips of the trade

  1. Contemporary art in a classic room is always an instant update and quite an easy fix.
  2. Accessories or statement pieces such decorative objects, lamps, side tables, or a random modern chair can transform without a complete reinvention.
  3. Wallpaper, rugs, or interesting upholstery on a classic piece of furniture can completely transform the mood of a room.
VT Home: Classic Meets Contemporary

A harmonious blend of stone tonal with a burst of contemporary flair makes this room the perfect example of classic meets contemporary magnificence.

VT Home: Classic Meets Contemporary

Mixing metals in a classic home gives an air or eclecticism.

VT Home: Classic Meets Contemporary

A wildly chic Rococo mirror stands out amidst modernist chairs.