VT Home: Life’s A Beach

In 2015, VT is pleased to announce our entry into home. Our motto has always been image, identity, clarity, and defining your style type gives you a place to begin. Once you have reached that clarity, it is a natural evolution to translate that into your environment as an expression of your authentic self.
Designing your home based on your style type (or at least infusing the elements) allows you to create the perfect space that represents the best version of you. Join us each week as we share our point of view on the incredible world of interior design, applying our principles and philosophies to everything from art and architecture to current trends and designers.

vt home beach house - home design

Summer is finally here and it’s time to talk beach!  Beach life, whether we’re referring to a  primary residence or just a holiday spot,  tends to bring out a very different side in people as they consider the design of their homes.

The beach house is a complete 180 from hectic city life–a place to relax and let go. Maybe it’s also an opportunity to explore a different style type.  Take our style type quiz to see which beach mood calls to you, but most importantly, get inspired.