VT Home: Kitchens by Style Type

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In 2015, VT is pleased to announce our entry into home. Our motto has always been image, identity, clarity, and defining your style type gives you a place to begin. Once you have reached that clarity, it is a natural evolution to translate that into your environment as an expression of your authentic self.
Designing your home based on your style type (or at least infusing the elements) allows you to create the perfect space that represents the best version of you. Join us each week as we share our point of view on the incredible world of interior design, applying our principles and philosophies to everything from art and architecture to current trends and designers.

When considering a kitchen renovation in your home, there are many elements that go into the design concept. Whether you use it to prepare meals or as a gathering place during cocktail parties, it needs to be functional and chic. It would be nice if it could stand the test of time and technology while representing you and matching the rest of your home. Here are some great inspirations for each of our VT Style Types to help you begin the process.