VT Home: 5 Tips For Mastering The Finishing Touch

Interior design

Home accessories—what we call the finishing touches—serve as your own style signature to a room. Shopping for these items and placing them in your home provides a warm and welcome sense of completion. Here are a few tips to consider.

1. Create a story or theme

Look for objects that tell a story. Maybe you’d like to do a monochromatic scheme, in that case, search for interesting objects that are tonal.

2. Set the stage

Be sure that your pieces work well together.

vt home accessories post

If you already have statement pieces such as these sculptural lamps and chair and the Stephen Sills art, sometimes all you need are a few books and flowers to complete the look of the room.

3. Place larger or taller objects towards the back

Work your way forward in a room stacking larger objects in the back and smaller pieces towards the front.


vt home interior post crystals and flowers

Mixing elements such as these rock crystal obelisks with green and gold boxes and the soft white hydrangeas is a very sophisticated combination.

4. Mix it up

Try combining different periods, shapes and textures.

vt home post accessories

Claire Waight Keller from fashion house Chloé created this perfect vignette in her Paris apartment using classic, abstract, and brutalist pieces. It’s all in the mix…

5. Leave space

vt home post accessories

Organic simple forms of various heights creates an understated, sophisticated vignette. Using a tray to arrange objects is a good idea. if you are going to need to use the table and want to keep your masterpiece in order.

Even if you’re going for the maximalist look we talked about some weeks ago, there is fine line between maximalism and a cluttered room.

Check out some of our other favorite looks below.

vt post interior accessories

Creating a theme is a good place to start when styling a room. Using odd numbers of like pieces are always preferred over even number. For example, these figures with an abstract form painting above works perfectly together.

vt home interior post

Whether you crave a neutral palette or are a minimalist by nature, lower objects such as large tonal bowls on low tables and tall lean objects on higher surfaces keep it clean and add warmth.

Vt home post accessories

A very minimalistic vignette that a combines warm and masculine base with a feminine figure.