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When designing homes in New York or anyplace where space is limited, the challenge can sometimes present itself in areas such as symmetry, elevations, and outright jaunty angles. One of my first priorities when conceptualizing a design scheme is to find balance. Many new skyscrapers are architecturally stunning on the outside but the rooms within can be completely off balance—a pie shaped bedroom, an elevated living room from joining two buildings together, varying ceiling heights, and off center windows—these challenges are often just the beginning.

One of my preferred solutions for odd angles is to throw in a curve, an organic approach which is pleasing to the eye and quite chic to live with. Another opportunity to go round is when a home is becoming too linear with furniture such as a rectangular sofa, square chairs, a long table, a rectangular console, etc. It can become hard and a bit cold or too masculine, so I like to add a round carpet or a circular element in a mirror or table.

Round carpets are not as popular as they were in mid-century design, but something tells me they may be making a comeback—at least at VT Home. See some of our work and inspirations within this theme below.

Jean Louis DeniotDesign by Jean-Louis Deniot

VT HomeTamara Mellon’s Hampton Home

Jean Louis DeniotDesign by Jean-Louis Deniot

VT Home

VT HomePenthouse Designed by VT Home

VT HomeDesign by Yabu Pushelberg

VT HomeDesign by Jean-Louis Deniot