VT Home: 9 Exceptional Dining Tables

VT HomeThe Continuum Table by Joseph Walsh
Choosing the right dining table can be a daunting task, but we’ve got some tips to make the experience less challenging. There are a few key points you should consider when shopping for the perfect table for your dining room, check them out below.

1. Size Matters

Be careful when choosing your table and chairs and ensure that the scale and proportion are right for the room. For example, be sure to leave enough room when chairs are pulled out to walk around and serve guests.

2. Shape

The shape of your table can often be dictated by the room or it can simply be a personal preference. Many people prefer a round table because they believe it makes conversations flow a bit easier. Others prefer the dramatic statement a long rectangular table makes.

3. Style

If the room is small or tight, you may want to consider choosing something with a glass top. Think about the type of base you want for the table and all of its angles, can you see the side of the table from a distance, or will the chairs block the entire base?


Ahead are 9 exception inspiring tables to inspire the design of your dining room!
VT Home

Using a round dining table has become increasingly popular for people who enjoy entertaining at home. In this case, pairing the round table with round chairs and a sculptural chandelier offset the rectangular art and architectural bench detail.

VT Home

An organic Wendell Castle dining table from Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

VT Home

This gorgeous warm dining room by Kate Hume is the perfect solution to a long and narrow space. The thin table with the bordered carpet define the room and actually create the illusion of more space.

VT Home

Natural wood in a contemporary setting is fresh and an understated luxury. This table is by Heijden Hume.


VT Home

This Coi dining table is not only sculptural and sophisticated but it also somehow has a high octane organic glamour.

VT Home

An incredible mid-century Italian chandelier paired with this slightly kitsch tile dining table and contemporary dining chairs create the perfect base for this somewhat minimalist dining room.

VT Home

We love the use of reclaimed wood in elements of design. This contemporary country home dining room combines natural wood with sculptural metals and mixed periods.