VT Home: 5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Home Office


Joe Lupo interior designInteriors designed by Joe Lupo for VT Home—as seen in Interiors Magazine, shot by Peter Murdoch. 

Since many of us will be working remotely for the foreseeable future, we thought it would be fitting to offer some tips on designing the perfect home work space. When embarking on a new home office, it’s important to consider the very nature of your office. With all the clutter, unsightly equipment, and paperwork, the space itself will require some extra thought and preparation.

Below my 5 design tips to creating a functional AND chic home office.

1. Go Bold

Make it a space you want to be in by adding a statement piece. Try a strong piece of art, a striking light fixture, a sculpture, or something that brings the imagination away from the ‘all work, no play’ aspect and gives the room some interest.

Jean Louis DeoitThe bold, blue lacquered wall in this room designed by Jean-Louis Deniot makes for the perfect zoom backdrop that is clean and appealing.

2. Make It A Library

Whenever possible, add bookshelves or at least a chic étagère with a carefully curated collection of books to give the room a warm and inviting feeling—and of course—beautifully arranged literature makes for a great backdrop during virtual meetings.

Interiors inspiration

3. Lighting Is Everything

Be sure your work area is well lit to allow for optimal functionality, but pay attention to how you do it. Too many times, I have seen people create a gorgeous home office only to ruin it with bad lighting. Some great solutions are lights on top of bookshelves, a desk light for work areas, or placement next to a sunny window.

VT Home by Joe Lupo Designed SpaceA VT Home by Joe Lupo designed space featured in New York Cottages and Gardens.

4. Give It Texture

Use an interesting patterned rug, a bold paint color, or a wall covering in your home office to give it texture. Another way to add some interest is by installing wallpaper on the inside of bookshelves.

Interior design inspiration

5. Multi-Tasking Is Key

Converting an extra bedroom, an attic, or even the lower level of a home can be great options for a home office. Attics can be quiet places that keep your work separate from the rest of your home and an added skylight can transform a boring sky parlor into a fabulous well-lit office!

attic office inspiration