VT Home: 3 Tips on Curating the Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

Curating a gallery wall in your home is an artful way to add your personal touch. Maybe you’re a collector with a desire to feature an abundance of your favorite works, or you have been wondering what to do with some incredible family photos in a more stylistic fashion. Or maybe you are looking for a solution to a prominent blank wall.

Here are a few useful tips to keep you on track and inspire you to create something extraordinary.

1. Creating Vignettes

You can add interest to your gallery wall by choosing other objects that coordinate with the wall.  Think montage above a table, adding objects from the same period, or accessorizing with a color that compliments what’s hanging above.

If you are doing photographs, try choosing one subject matter, or do all black and whites in coordinating gallery frames. Go for a larger mat for cleaner look that truly features each photograph.

2. Symmetry vs Random

If you find that you prefer a more structured, less lived in or ‘busy’ look, create a gallery wall that is perfectly symmetrical. You can use same sized frames or varying sizes of frames hung in a precise and orderly way.

If you prefer the thrown together, put together look, coordinate your wall by managing the size of the gaps between each piece and creating a center point at which to begin and work your way outwards.

This approach will allow you the versatility of adding to the montage in a systematic way while allowing the puzzle to tie together through distance or air space.  Avoiding ‘holes’ in the middle section of your wall and allowing the edges to be more scattered will be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining an effortless look.

3. Structured Gallery

Building narrow shelves to create or add to your gallery wall is a more casual approach and allows you to easily switch out your collection. You can also hang pieces from a rail to create a clean line at the top or stagger pieces with some overlap.

Building narrow shelves to create your gallery wall is a more casual approach and allows you to easily switch out your collection.

Scroll down through our curation for more wall gallery inspiration for more ideas.