VT Home: 3 Tips For Perfecting Your Powder Room

VT Home

A powder room is the perfect opportunity to express oneself in the design field. While it is one of the smallest rooms in a home, it is also one of the most visible. Its small size means that you can really have fun with the design and make it a bold statement room.

While entertaining at home, whether you like it or not, guests will inevitably visit the powder room and use the opportunity to study the details of this special little room and form their opinions about your style. I like to think of it as the “jewel” of the home.

Below are a few tips to get you started on the design of your home’s powder room.

1. Make it Special

Try a bold wall covering in a print, or possibly a darker paint color than you might normally use. The powder room should not be the hair and make-up room but rather an intimate moment in your home—make it a good one.

2. Invest in Materials

Given the size of most powder rooms, the square footage is not as vast as a full bathroom. I recommend splurging with stone or other materials such as paneling or trim.

3. Pay Attention to Details

Look for special lighting (vintage or exotic), an extraordinary mirror, or possibly even accessories or an unusual rug. Remember, the powder room doesn’t usually have as much usage, traffic, or steam as your regular bathroom—go for pieces that are a little more special and possibly a little less durable.

Check out some examples of fantastic powder rooms that are sure to inspire:

VT Home

A very chic powder room in black and gold. We’ve continued to discuss the trend of brass and gold fixtures in the bath and home in general. This chinoiserie wall covering ties it all together in a very sophisticated way.

VT Home

Chinoiserie paradise is found in this beautiful powder room. From the incredible gilding to the fabulous wall covering and gold and brass fixtures—it’s absolute high perfection.

VT Home

Bold wallpaper and sculptural objects with a classic vanity and rug make this a warm and inviting powder room.

VT Home

Go bold with wallpaper in your powder room. This water color-esque study in earth tones by Porter Teleo is both luxurious and approachable.