VT Home: 3 Ways To Wow with Window Treatments

VT Home: 3 Reasons to Wow with Window Treatments

The right curtains or window treatments can make or break a room. When designing rooms, it’s important to consider curtains to complete each space. In more traditional homes, a custom valance is quite popular but these days, more contemporary concepts are a bit cleaner with either a built in pocket to conceal the rod or q track from which the curtains hang. Or, sometimes a smaller valance can be created by using fabric from the curtains.

Of course, rods of clean design or even decorative rods are used as well. Get inspired with a few of our favorite window treatment solutions categorized under three primary reasons to invest in windows of wonder!

1. Add A Layer of Luxury

Beautiful fabrics set a luxurious tone in a room. Just as the right piece of jewelry or the perfect scarf would do, the right curtains ‘complete the look’.

VT Home: 3 Reasons to Wow with Window Treatments

A curtain wall behind a bed is superbly luxurious and sets a quiet tone for one’s own personal sanctuary.

2. Make a Bold Statement

Bold fabrics with interesting prints and colors in window treatments make a fabulous statement and can oftentimes completely transform a room. If you are looking for an instant update in a neutral room, invest in attention-grabbing fabrics or ones that tie it all together.

VT Home: 3 Reasons to Wow with Window Treatments

David Hicks used to do incredible valances. We love this retro done right example in the perfect pop of green.


3. Feature or Conceal Windows

If you have a room with incredible height or dramatic windows, a layer of fabric (even if it’s sheer) can add an element of warmth and in some cases, accentuate the height of the ceiling or windows.

On the other hand, if you are not thrilled with the windows in your home, great curtains can also help to mask the imperfections and draw the eye to cleaner, internal lines created with the curtains you select.  One of our favorite tricks is running curtains along an entire wall to create the illusion of larger windows.