VT Home: 6 Ideas For A Dream Closet

VT Home: Out of the Closet

Visual Therapy began as a personal styling agency specializing in wardrobe editing and closet organization and management, so it was inevitable that we would eventually write a piece about closets for VT Home. In fact, our first book Nothing to Wear? A 5-Step Cure for the Common Closet taught our readers and followers how to love it or leave it when it comes to clothing, and how to succeed at organizing their closets.

Your closet should be a zen space, not a torture chamber. The key to enjoying your wardrobe and to consider when designing your closet is being able to see what you have.  The challenge with visually open closets is that they have a tendency to look cluttered if not properly planned and edited.

In many cases—especially in older homes with limited closet space—clients have turned an adjacent bedroom or even an attic into a walk-in closet or dressing room. Having the space to create a peaceful, well lit, and highly visible place to start your morning can have an incredibly positive effect on how your day goes.

Here are a few incredible closet ideas to give you that little nudge to inspire you out of closet torture and into zen living.

1. Mirrors:

Use mirrored doors to add light and provide views from every angle while getting dressed.

Dream closet home design

2. Glass Doors:

Many clients prefer to see their clothes, and by adding glass doors to this glamorous dressing room designer Alberto Pinto created a dream come true.

Alberto Pinto closet

3. Closet Island:

We always include an island for packing and organizing, and this glass top one allows her to see the accessories inside. Island is also a great solution for frequent travelers, providing maximum drawer space, and a place to lay out and view pieces.

Dream closet home design

4. Skylight:

Adding a skylight on the top floor or an attic is the perfect solution for a converted dressing room without windows.

Dream closet home design center island

5. Out Of The Closet:

This open plan provides a dramatic dressing room backdrop and ability to see everything in the closet… and well for miles beyond!Closet with a big window

6. Spare Bedroom:

Using an adjacent spare bedroom or nursery as a walk-in is the perfect closet solution—even in it is a passthrough to an ensuite bathroom.

Spare closet

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