Transform Yourself Through Style: A VT Makeover

Transform Yourself Through Style: A VT MakeoverJesse Garza poses with makeover candidate Brittani and Cynthia of Cynthia’s Consignment.

As personal stylists we pride ourselves in helping our clients become the best versions of themselves, but even though our services are definitely a luxury, we still want to inspire those who wouldn’t normally seek out a stylist or personal shopper. So when we were presented with the opportunity to provide a makeover for a lovely young teacher’s assistant in Chicago, we jumped at the chance and came up with a game plan.

With the help of Cynthia’s Consignment and Sacred Heart Schools, we were able to dress Brittani in a head to toe look and teach her a few styling tricks to help her feel confident and empowered through her daily personal style. Our Social Media Director Gaby asked Brittani a few questions about the makeover process, their interview is below.

Gaby: How did you feel about your wardrobe before you started the Visual Therapy process with Jesse?

Brittani: I felt nervous at first and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Once I met Jesse he made me feel so comfortable and excited about this amazing makeover. My nerves instantly turned into excitement!

Gaby: What were your usual outfit go-to’s?

Brittani: I was always a jeans, blouse, and flats kind of girl. I kept it simple, nothing exciting at all!

Gaby: What changed after you went through the VT process with Jesse? Do you feel differently about your clothing and style?

Brittani:  I definitely view what I wear differently now. I take more risks, I enjoy putting outfits together from my closet and having fun! I realize now because of Jesse that what I wear is a representation of how I want people to see me. I now embrace it instead of hiding my unique style!

Check out some of our shots from the makeover below, and if you or someone you know is interested in taking your style to the next level, check out our services page and another makeover we did last summer.


Brittani was stuck in a rut with her style. She didn’t feel creative or polished.


Jesse started with a neutral baseline of a little black dress and black pumps. 

To step up her usual outfit of jeans and flats, Jesse used Brittani’s neutral baseline and added black pumps and a textured jacket cinched at the waist.Britanni poses in her new look with her husband.