Tom Ford Takes Santa Fe

Jesse and Joe with Tom Ford

Jesse and Joe with Tom Ford

Tom Ford is, and has always been a great inspiration to Jesse and me. We have always had such respect for his attention to detail and great admiration for his incredibly chic and luxurious aesthetic.  We shared with you our excitement when he opened his Madison Avenue flagship store, so imagine how awe struck we were after discovering his ranch.

As a creative person, I find peace and inspiration in minimalist architecture and design. To me, the desert is nature in its rawest form and Guido Mocafico’s respect for nature, tonal sophisticated palette and materials he used in creating this masterpiece for Ford and his family are divinely sublime.

Mr. Ford has expressed that he has become much more spiritual at this stage of his life. I can see how he would be re-energized and inspired creatively spending time on his ranch and with nature. With its muted hues of gray, tones of taupe and brown and sweeping dramatic arid landscape, the backdrop and ranch itself creates the perfect canvas to realize dreams. -Joe

 “I have to say I do believe in the Native American way of respecting what you use and need from nature. I love being in nature because everything makes sense. If you spend time on our ranch or in the American West or anywhere in nature, all of a sudden, all the things you worry about all the time fade away. That’s why one of the greatest problems with where we are culturally at this time is that we’ve all lost touch with the earth and that which is really important in the world,”  says Ford in an interview with Lisa Eisner for GQ.

All photos by Guido Mocafico (originally featured in the December 2010/January 2011 issue of Vogue Paris.)