THE RELAUNCH, Step 4: Top Nutrition Tips For a Healthy Year

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If you’ve been following our 5-step RELAUNCH, your weekly tip to starting the year as the best version of yourself, you’ve already envisioned what image you want to portray, defined your style type with the style type quiz, and created a style file on Pinterest.

As we work with clients to line up their optimal wardrobes, we’re huge believers that it’s not the dress, but what’s in the dress that matters. And even though clothes can help you feel like a movie star, there’s something that needs to be taken care of first on a deeper level. That’s why Step 4 of THE RELAUNCH is all about wellness and nutrition!

We hear the term “clean eating” all the time, but what does it actually mean? A food brands’ ultimate interest is driving sales, and not always supporting your health. The labels “natural”, “sugar free” and “low calorie” rarely ensure that the groceries you’re picking up are the best choice for your body.

We spoke with nutrition expert Willow Jarosh of CJ Nutrition to get an unbiased perspective on clean eating.

Clean eating


by Willow Jarosh

1. Remove “dieting” from your food equation and eat foods that you love and that make you feel healthy and happy in the short term and long term. You’ll likely find that your health and weight goals seem like less of a struggle if your relationship with food becomes about eating the types and amounts of foods that make you feel energized, happy, and healthy rather than focusing on “diet foods”.

2. Get into the kitchen. Not only does preparing food at home increase your likelihood of getting a more nutrient packed meal with fewer calories and sodium, but it saves serious cash. Some of that cash can be put towards stocking your kitchen with fun, delicious, healthy ingredients and some can be saved for doing whatever else makes you happy. Win-win.

3. Eat clean, as much as you can: Eating clean means choosing foods in their most natural form. For instance, instead of eating a granola bar for a snack have dried fruit and nuts or homemade granola. Instead of white pasta salad for lunch, replace the pasta with a whole grain such as barley or quinoa. Eating fewer packaged and processed foods helps you lower the sodium in your diet, increase the fiber, eliminate unnecessary additives and unhealthy fats… and it’s more satisfying!

Wilow Jarosh CJ Nutrition

Willow Jarosh is a registered dietitian (RD), speaker, coach, consultant, and writer. She holds a bachelor of science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of New Mexico, a masters degree in Nutrition Communications from Tufts University, and is a nutrition expert for SELF Magazine, Bumble Bee Foods, and Bob Greene’s Best Life program. 

Willow believes that health and happiness are within everyone’s reach, but the path to getting there is like a fingerprint — individualized.  Willow’s goal is to give people the tools they need to reach their health and happiness goals in the ways that are most effective for them.