The Rainy Weather Staple You’re Missing

Rainy Day Style

Image via Elle

It’s been rainy and wet all week in New York and it has us thinking about what the appropriate attire is for a rainy summer day—you know, those days when it’s pouring but still warm enough to wear bare legs? A light-weight trench is a no-brainer, but the type of footwear you should wear is a little trickier. That is, until we found the perfect summer rain shoes, and no they’re not Hunter Boots.

Introducing Barneys New York’s rain sneaker. These water-proof shoes share the same sleek silhouette of a converse sneaker and come in high top and low top options. The low tops go great with jeans, while the high tops pair well with dresses and skirts. Finally—a stylish way to keep your feet dry. Check out our new favorite rain shoes below, and shop the post to add a pair to your own rainy weather wardrobe.

Barneys New York Rain Sneakers

Barneys New York Rain Sneaker

Barneys New York Rain Sneakers