The Queen Of Cool: Happy Birthday, Tina Turner!


[quote type=”center”] The real power behind whatever success I have now was something I found within myself – something that’s in all of us, I think, a little piece of God just waiting to be discovered. –  Tina Turner [/quote]

When we talk about owning your style and your look and doing so with grace, we bow to Tina Turner.   Her rocked out style and everlasting sex appeal is all bout attitude and owning who she is, with confidence and perseverance being the center of it all.

We all know the story of how she lost it all and in doing so, found herself. At 75, Turner is, without question, one of the most inspiring women in the history of rock-n-roll.  How many performers can say they have the hearts of at least four generations and three genres of music loving of fans?  Not many!

I will never forget when I told my mother in the eighties about this incredible ‘new’ artist Tina Turner when she came out with “What’s Love Got To do With It”.  My mother simply rolled her eyes and said, “your father and I used to watch her perform when we were first married – she’s our girl”!

Happy Birthday, Tina Turner!!! -Joe