The Only 20-Minute Workout You Need To Know About

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Todd McCullough is not your regular fitness trainer. The creator of TMAC Fitness combines athleticism and spirit in his signature 20-minute workouts, with a mantra of “Sweat. Breathe. Connect.”

The recipient of a full scholarship to play football for the Florida Gators, Todd McCullough played for the European Football League in Italy, lived in Los Angeles and worked as a Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch, all before he hit rock bottom and found yoga.

Rediscovering himself through yoga led to him switching careers and creating TMAC Fitness. We love the 20-minute workouts as they combine explosive athletic movements with the healing benefits of yoga. Todd McCullough created a method of yoga that gets you ripped. 

Check out Todd’s website for workouts, nutrition advice and mindset inspiration.