The Casual Zoom Call Capsule

Casual Zoom Call LooksImage courtesy of Style Du Monde

Let’s face it, most of the time our zoom and face time calls are now with family and close friends. While we don’t necessarily want to look styled during these calls, we also don’t want to appear as though we’ve given up on getting dressed.

Since we’ve already established that comfort is key during this time under quarantine, we decided to curate a capsule that would achieve maximum coziness while also still giving off major style vibes. Ready to update your stay-at-home looks? Keep reading.

VT’s Casual Zoom Call Capsule


VT Casual Zoom Call Capsule

Filippa K Ivory Sweater

La Perla Silk Trouser

Raey Maxi Cardigan

Tekla Fabrics Wool Blanket

Mad Et Len Candle

Les Tien Sweatpants

Les Tien Tie Dye Sweatshirt

Les Tien Tie Dye Sweatpants

Senso Slippers