Swimsuits For Every Style Type

The Swimsuit For Your Style Type

Happy early August! If you haven’t been basking in the sun as of late, chances are you’re probably due for a beach day. Throughout this summer we’ve been on a mission to find the perfect swimsuit and with this year’s trends—much like every year’s trends—there’s a ton of temptation to purchase whatever is in style. But, not everyone is thrilled about ruffled polka dots or gingham swimsuits, so we understand if you want to steer clear of overly trendy options. Our advice for finding that perfect summer suit—Stay true to your style type.

There’s so much we need to consider when choosing the right swimsuit. Does it leave freaky tan lines? Does it highlight my curves in all the right places? What’s the perfect color for the Instagram shot I want? Even if you’re the type that likes to mix-and-match, its always a good idea to have a back up that makes you feel your best without giving it much thought. So here are some of the best options we came up with, based on your style type.

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If you’re someone with a chic style type you are the epitome of elegance. Usually, a chic wardrobe is made of neutral colors, staple pieces, and anything that exudes confidence. In a bathing suit you’ll also want to stick to this formula. A good example would be a high waisted bikini in black or white. Feeling experimental? Go for a one-shoulder piece or a cut-out. But for the sake of chic-ness, keep the cut-out details very minimal.

The Swimsuit For Your Style Type

The Swimsuit For Your Style Type

High waisted bikinis, minimal cut-outs, or one-shoulder pieces, solids


As the whimsical style type, you’re probably the mix-and-match type of gal mentioned earlier, with the least amount of issues finding something that suits you—pun intended! We know you’re not afraid of standing out, therefore you can rock a good mix of prints and colors. But, the best go-to options for your swimsuit ANY summer is a bold stripe or a fun floral. We see you whimsical babe!The Swimsuit For Your Style Type

The Swimsuit For Your Style Type

Bold Stripes or Florals


This year—especially in the world of swimsuits—classics, more than any other style type has probably had the least stressful shopping experiences. If your style type is classic, we’re sure you already own one of the must-have summer pieces of 2018, you can thank this years trend’s for catering to your tastes. You already know what to do, wear the heck out of those timeless polka dots or gingham swimsuits and know that your solid pieces (black, white, red, navy) are more on-trend than ever before.

The Swimsuit For Your Style TypeThe Swimsuit For Your Style Type

Polka dots, gingham, solids


As an Avant-garde, you don’t shy away from experimenting, and we aren’t going to tell you to stop now even with something as simple as a bathing suit. So a great choice for you to express those artistic vibes is by sporting a bathing suit with cut outs, trying out a mesh or leather bikini, or even mixing in some abstract prints. When it doubt though, go for a solid black two piece like Kourtney’s high waisted style below.

The Swimsuit For Your Style Type

The Swimsuit For Your Style Type

Cut-outs, leather, monochromatic looks, and mesh


If laid back bohemian is your style, you love your prints! Any fun, earthy prints will do the job—florals, animal prints, or even tie dye. If you’re in for a little switch up or just want a second go-to option, a crochet bikini is always boho-chic.

The Swimsuit For Your Style Type

The Swimsuit For Your Style Type

Prints or crochet