Style Tip: How to Layer Jewelry

Image via Spinelli Kilcollin

With much of life still happening virtually these days, there are fewer opportunities to reinvent or experiment with you style. One way we can still satisfy the urge to up our style game is by layering our jewelry in different ways.

Even if you’re just wearing comfortable loungewear to zoom with friends, layering a few necklaces or wearing a chic stack of bracelets on your wrist will add interest to your look.

Need a little additional inspo? Keep reading for a few jewelry styling tips Visual Therapy swears by.

Think Dainty

Nothing against chunky jewelry, but we love the look of delicate necklaces layered just so. Pick 2-4 necklaces in similar but varying lengths and thicknesses, and layer away! Pro tip: stick to one tone for a classic, uniform look, or read about how to mix metals below.

VT Lead Stylist Kellye Henton’s necklaces.

VT Stylist Nikki Rose’s necklaces.

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More is More

When it comes to bracelets, bangles, and cuffs, we love a thick stack or a large statement cuff. An easy way is to start with a watch, and then continue the layering effect with both delicate and chunkier bracelets. Pro Tip: don’t be afraid to adorn both wrists or play with color and textures, remember—more is more!

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Mix Metals

Mixing metals can seem tricky, but when done correctly it’s very chic. An easy way to dip your toes into this style is with rings and bracelets. Add a single silver ring to your usual lineup of gold or mix your gold watch with a few silver bangles. Not into do-it-yourself? Spinelli Kilcollin makes gorgeous mixed metal rings, earrings, and necklaces that are one and done.

VT Stylist Gabriela Rocha’s rings.

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