Style Tip: 10 Ways To Get Photographed At Fashion Week (The Chic Way)


Style Tip: How To Get Photographed At Fashion Week (The Chic Way)

You’re not alone if you think some of the NYFW street style looks are not the most relatable (or practical-how are they not freezing?). But from going monochromatic to ditching the heels, these style stars prove you don’t have to dress over-the-top to catch Tommy Ton’s eye. See for yourself!

#1: Statement Accessory

Style Tip: How To Get Photographed At Fashion Week (The Chic Way)

Wear the fringe trend but in the form of a statement (but muted in color) accessory. Keep the rest of the look clean like this navy and black combination–you can never go wrong with that!

#2: Winter Whites

Winter white nyfw street style

During a winter fashion week, there’s nothing more refreshing than a winter white ensemble. Channel your inner snow queen!

#3: Go Monochromatic

nyfw street style black and white

You don’t need to wear all the colors of the rainbow to be stylish, and Leigh Lezark demonstrates it perfectly.

#4: Pop Of Color

pop of color

Not into a monochromatic palette? Go for a pop of color with an accessory. This trick is especially powerful with neutrals as your baseline.

#5: 50 Shades of Grey

Monochromatic look fashion week street style

Combine different shades of grey and black, letting the proportions and the silhouette of your look speak for itself. Now that’s chic!

#6: Ditch the Heels

sneakers avant garde garde nyfw street style

Heels are so last season. Slip on some sneakers and you’ll give your look a boyish edge and be comfortable (and not slip and fall on the ice). Win.

#7: Layer It

NYFW layers street style

Chunky sweater? Check. Scarf? Check. Warm coat? Check. This style star proves you can be warm and chic, layering it up elegantly.

#8: The Hat Trick

hat trick nyfw street style

A great hat can say more than a whole outfit. Warning: beware of the wind. And if it does blow your hat off, pretend it was part of the plan and strike a pose.

#9: Bring Your Man

chic couple nyfw street style

Not often do you see couples strolling in and out of fashion shows, so bringing your man in itself will make a statement. If on top of everything he’s got great style, major bonus points!

#10: Smile

SMILE nyfw street style

If all else fails… smile!