Style Tip: Black & White Summer Capsule

Lisa Marie McComb stylist black white street style

VT lead stylist Lisa Marie McComb in Rome

Last week, we looked at chic black and white street style looks to add a chic touch of monochrome into your summer. But how do you actually piece together the ultimate black and white capsule?

Our stylists curate the essentials from our favorite place to shop in California, A’maree’s. An iconic fashion destination since the 1970’s, the harbor-front modernist boutique is run by our friends, a trio of chic sisters, Dawn Klohs, Denise Schaefer and Apryl Schaefer.

Whether your summer plans include a beach or touring in the city, this capsule will have you ready for both. You can get dressed blindfolded and your looks will still work, that’s the power of black, white and neutrals!

All you have to do is shop, pack, and enjoy your adventure (or summer in the city!)