Style Tip: 8 Ways To Be A Stylish Mom (As Seen On Instagram)

According to social media, babies are trendy. And as we’ve seen demonstrated by Miroslava Duma, Chriselle Lim and Natasha Goldenberg, being a mom doesn’t have to cancel out looking Tommy Ton-appropriate.

In the case of Luisa Fere, dressing up her 5-year-old son Alonso Mateo and posting photos of him on Instagram brought her half a million followers and fame. According to Luisa, Alonso takes active part in the creation of the looks. Every morning before school, she helps her son pick out outfits in his personal walk-in closet. “I’ll help him coordinate outfits so that they make sense, but mostly it’s him,” she told The Cut.

How do they do it?

Well, there are a few rules all street style mommies follow. Most importantly? Don’t take it too seriously.

1. Match your outfits.

Obviously! Blogger Chriselle Lim masters the look with her daughter Chloe.

Chriselle Lim style

2. Pay attention to accessories. 


Even if you can’t get the outfits to be a perfect match, coordinated accessories can save the day. Stylist Luisa Fere and her son Alonso Mateo know it!

3. Match your style types


Most likely, your little one is still going through self-discovery when it comes to style; which means that they’re a little mini-you until they discover their own personal style. If coordinating colors, silhouettes and accessories go wrong, you can at least be guided by making sure your outfits fall under the same style type. Natasha Goldenberg and daughter Misha show off their boho whimsical style, while Caroline Alt and son go for the classic look.

4. Teach them fashion early on


Knowledge is power, and Nasiba Adilova knows it. What shoes should I wear? is one of the most common questions asked in fashion, so educate your kiddo early on.

That goes for bags, too. You wouldn’t want your child to mistake a fake Hermes for a limited edition that you waited 3 years for. God forbid.

5. Practice OOTD 


No one was born a great model. Being a street style star comes with practice. And the earlier your baby knows how to pose for outfit of the day pictures, the better.

6. Make friends with other fashionable mamas

nasiba adilova with friend

This is an important one. You want to make sure you expose the little one to true style as soon as possible. Every child should know that Valentino rockstud sandals are a must. Bonus: play dates make for a great photo opp, just make sure you have a good photographer on hand!

7. Go to Paris

Luisa Fere

It’s hard, pretty much impossible to not look stylish in the city of lights. Throw on some denim, a Chanel crossbody, a stack of bracelets, chic oversized sunglasses, and pose for your best Café Parisien Instagram shot. Even better if the kid looks distracted and uniterested. “Paris? Been there, done that.” 

8. Ussie: master the next level of selfie

It’s not just about you anymore. It’s that moment in life when a selfie becomes an ussie; so time to learn how to pose with your baby!

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