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Gaia RepossiThe artistic director of  94-year-old Italian jewelry brand, Repossi, 28-year-old Gaia Repossi took over the brand from her father in 2007, giving it a ‘cult’ status.  Continuing the family tradition (Repossi’s philosophy is to “renew even within tradition”) she added her own minimal modern twist to the collection. “My father and grandfather always started their ideas with a stone. I work the opposite way. I sketch a design first,” said Ms. Repossi in an interview to WSJ. “I enjoy the architecture of it—the lines and volume.”  Repossi’s successful collaborations have included Alexander Wang and DSMNY, and with her grace and effortless style, she is the best representation of the brand there could be.

A true citizen of the world (born in Turin, grew up in Monaco and Paris, and living between Paris and New York), Repossi has a master’s degree in archaeology from the Sorbonne, and gets her inspiration from Tribal, Nomad, Art Nouveau and Art Deco iconography.

Repossi Collection

[quote type=”center”]  My aesthetic is expressed through symetria, strong designs, revolutionary silhouette in a jewelry world scared of renewal.

– Gaia Repossi [/quote]

Gaia Repossi

My everyday style involves: a lot of basics like black pants and white shirts from Céline and Christophe Lemaire’s collections for Hermès. I also like the Row’s backless loafers from this season; they’re handmade.

The women who inspire me are: smart and ahead of their time. They’re modern and a little bit irreverent, like Louise Bourgeois and George Sand.

The piece of jewelry I never take off is: my Berbère ring. It still works for me after three years. I’m never over it. I wear it in rose gold. It really moves with you and becomes a part of you.

Repossi Berbere Ring

Repossi Berbere Ring

One of my biggest design influences is: the book “Sad Tropics,” by anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss. When I started studying archaeology I was amazed at what a huge impact tribal embellishment had on me. Ancient Greek, Persian and African jewelry really resonated [with me] because it’s seen as a part of the body.

Here are some of our favorite Repossi’s looks.

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Berbère 18-karat Rose Gold Link Ring

Berbère 18-karat Rose Gold Link Ring