Style Feature: Athena Calderone


Athena Calderone

With personal style and poise that are both enviable and unique to the point of perfection, the founder of the food and lifestyle website, Eye-swoon, Athena Calderone has found a way to celebrate every aspect of life that she finds worthy of swooning over.  Visual Therapy’s lead stylist, Anouk Colantoni, caught up with Athena to talk about her style and aspirations for the new year.

How would you describe your fashion style?

My style definitely portrays extremes – either short or long… sexy or sophisticated… bohemian or elegant.  I absolutely love polarizing qualities and pairing the unexpected when it comes to style. I definitely practice this is the way I dress – mixing feminine flowy and bohemian pieces with a rough or edgier look. I always try and find that opposing element… I am not a fan of the obvious.  I suppose I can be schizophrenic in how I dress actually : )

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What’s the story behind your blog, Eye-swoon?

A year and a half ago, after a summer at the beach, I found myself between design projects. I felt a lull in creativity and I started Eye-swoon as the answer to that lull. I love making things beautiful – whether it’s my immediate physical environment or the food that I create – and I wanted to share those little sparks of inspiration and see what journeys they would inspire for others. When I’m designing a space I can always trace the inspiration back to a singular moment or image that gave me the vision for the complete room. The same thing happens with an amazing bite of food. Suddenly I’ll find myself running out to re-create it and add my own twist. Eye-swoon became a way for me to group all those fragmented moments and give them one voice that speaks to all the sides of me, the design-addict, the fashion-lover, the food-obsessed, the mom, the wife. And hopefully it can do the same for people that share those interests and seek out inspiration.


Fashion, Food, Fitness and Friends: The four big F-You’s that seem to be the pillars of your immaculately curated destination, Eye-Swoon — how would you describe the importance of these in your life? Do you feel that they are all together representative of a lifestyle you have built for yourself? 

I suppose each of those elements together with family make up who I am.  Life is a balancing act and sometime all is in abundance and at other times there is an ebb and flow.  Currently fitness is ebbing for me but my goal in 2015 is to get back on the fitness horse.  Food is always at the tippy top of my list and thought I am not in fashion — fashion is a part of who I am.  And friends & family… couldn’t be grounded without them — they are the connectivity to glue that keeps it all together, giving me strength, support, love and laughter.  Friends are also the ones that put me in check when I falter (act like an ass and love perspective) — at least the good ones!

Athena Calderone

What is your go to outfit?

I swoon myself a long flowey dress that is both sexy and etherial.  I also love love a high waisted midi skirt and a crop top.

What is on your Christmas wishlist? 

I really want some artisinal and rustic handmade plates from a company called Speck & Stone.  In the fashion space am obsessed with Ellery – just about anything they create.  And I’d love a M2 Malletier handbag – so structured and architectural.


What does 2015 hold in store for you?

I am working on a book and hope to begin shooting more video for Eye-swoon.

Do you have words you live by? An ethos if you would like?

Eat well, swoon often.

Connect with Athena:, Instagram, Twitter.

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