Style Advice: Shop Your Closet

Often we keep buying new things and neglecting old ones, but at VT we believe in “shopping your closet”. Sometimes those neglected pieces can be modified and reinvented. I, myself, was recently reminded of this.

Don’t Get Stuck In A Rut

I have a confession to make: I have an infatuation with safari jackets and their ’70s-style Yves Saint Laurent feel. Not only is the look chic, but with a pocket for anything and everything, it’s very functional. Inspired by a Belstaff ad in a magazine, I went into the Madison Avenue Belstaff boutique, and tried on what I thought would be my next safari jacket. Joe came into the store, saying: “Another safari jacket?!” He reminded me that I had something exactly like that jacket, even in the same color. So I ended up buying a blazer instead, which still has a couple of pockets but without looking like another safari jacket. Now, I have a great alternative addition to my wardrobe.

Shop Your Closet!

The next day, after my experience at Belstaff, I shopped my own closet. I dug through my archives and found my 2008 Prada safari jacket. The only difference was the fit, so I brought it to the tailor and had it refitted. I revived an old jacket, gave it new life and avoided purchasing another safari jacket. I have officially escaped the rut.

If you tend to be a creature of habit, shopping your closet can save you time and money. Uncover the hidden treasures of your own closet! -Jesse

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