Mainbocher Corset, Paris,1939

Take some time to edit your sleepwear because it is often the last thing that we replace, it’s so hard to part with those favorite soft comfortable pieces, but just like everything else you occasionally need to purge and refresh with new pieces. You should want to feel fabulous at all times, even when you are sleeping.

Comfort is key and two of our favorite brands are Natori and Hanro.  You can find these items at high end department stores or on their websites.  They sell a variety of items such as lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, and underwear. – Kristi

Natori Serene Cowl Chemise, Natori Shangri-La Robe, Natori Arabesque Chemise


Natori Aphrodite Gown, Natori Shangri-La Gown, Natori Enchant Gown


Natori Lhasa Gown, Natori Zen Floral Daydream Robe, Natori Lhasa Pajama


Hanro Cara Long Robe, Hanro Pure Affair Long Sleeve Button Pajama, Hanro Pure Affair Sleeveless Sleepshirt


Hanro Pure Affair Spaghetti Chemise 7640, Hanro Cotton Lace Chemise 7100