Shape It!

Our Chicago stylist Kristi Porcelli is known as the wardrobe organization magician – and in this post, she gives some great tips on transitioning to Fall wardrobe. Enjoy!

Time to Give These Bags a Little TLC (Left to right: Hermes, Celine, Botrega Veneta)

Transitioning into your Fall wardrobe means bringing out your favorite boots, knits, and fall handbags. Schedule some time to give these items a little TLC… It can go a long way in extending their fashionable life!


Clean up: Take your boots to your local shoe repair for polishing / new heels / new soles / re-conditioning. A boot facelift 😉

Shape it: It is important to keep the silhouette of the boot so that it doesn’t crease or lose its shape.

Tools / Supplies: Boot shapers / bubble wrap / poster board: roll it up like a tube (think bottle of wine) and put in the boots, then stuff the toes with acid free tissue paper or socks.

Boot Shapers


Clean up: Examine your handbags to see if they need any repairs. If so, your local shoe repair shop will be able to refurbish them for you. Take a gentle soft cloth and dust off the bags that don’t need any major repair.

Shape it: The architecture of your handbags can easily lose its shape if not cared for properly.

Tools / Supplies: Small pillows from a craft store / pillow batting in a plastic bag or cotton balls in a plastic bag / bubble wrap / acid free tissue.


Clean up: Knits have a tendency to look old very fast, but you can make them last longer by taking a moment to care for them and keeping the countour of the pieces.

Shape it: Folding your knits is the best option; this will help keep their shape longer. The hesitation with hanging knits is that they tend to grow on the hanger and lose their shape, but if you really want to hang something that you wear a lot, make sure that you choose the proper hanger. It should either have foamies that will grip the knit so that it stays on the hanger, or built-in shoulders to help keep its shape on the hanger. Wire hangers are a no-no.

How To: Fold a Sweater with a Folding Board

Tools / Supplies: Folding board / clip board / acid free tissue / lavender sachets (to keep away moths).

Folding Board: Lay the knit with its back facing up and the top of the knit towards you. Place the board on top of it, fold over one side and then the other, add a small piece of tissue and fold up the knit from the bottom, slide the board out at the top of the knit. – Kristi