Refresh Your Style In 2018

Habitually ChicImage via Habitually Chic

A new year doesn’t have to necessarily mean an entirely new you. Here at VT, we’re big advocates of always striving to be the best version of yourself, regardless of the time of year. That being said, January is the perfect month to re-evaluate certain aspects of your lifestyle and implement a fresh outlook for the coming year!

Your personal style for one, is a great one to tackle, and right now is the ideal time to take stock of what’s been working for your body type and lifestyle. Maybe you’ve found yourself gravitating towards certain silhouettes over and over—jeans and a sweater gal over here—or perhaps you feel like being more adventurous with your daily outfits, but aren’t sure where to begin.

Ahead we’ve listed the steps you’ll need to take to refresh your style and get you excited about your sartorial choices in 2018. Read on!


Edit your wardrobe

We’ve talked in depth about the process of editing your closet on our blog, and it’s the first and most crucial step in taking charge of your personal style. Being able to see and recognize all the different components of your wardrobe = ease in dressing everyday. Follow our 5-step process to gain clarity in your wardrobe and start off the year with a new perspective on style.


Address Fill Ins

After the closet edit you should have a list of “fill ins” or items you’re missing from your wardrobe. Assess your list and try to stick to only these items when you shop. Pro Tip: Make sure each of these items is versatile—a black or charcoal grey bootie goes with just about anything, and if you’re lacking an everyday handbag, sticking to black will be your best bet.


Take to Pinterest

If you’re not on Pinterest already, now is the time. We recommend creating a “style file” of fashion images you find inspiring and would like to emulate your own personal style after. Reference this arsenal of images whenever you need that little extra kick of inspiration and use it to bookmark specific pieces you’re interested in buying for yourself.



Outfit planningEnlist the help of a stylish friend or a wardrobe stylist for this fun and final step. After reviewing your vision board on Pinterest, set aside a day to try on different outfits and photograph yourself in the ones you love. You can even go a step further and create categories for each look—business, event, date night etc. Keep the photos in a folder on your phone to reference when you’re feeling stumped, or print them out and organize in a photo album for your own personal look book!