Paris Shopping Diary: MOYNAT

Lisa Marie in the Window of Moynat


We loved stopping at  Moynat‘s rue Saint-Honoré boutique and getting a tutelage from Guillaume Davin – a sales associate who is truly passionate and sincere about his work. He took us on an amazing Moynat journey, explaining each and every detail of our favorite bags.

Jesse with Guillaume Davin of Moynat

Founded during the great era of rail travel, the brand started with production of luggage trunks in 1849, and less than 30 years later, sold its first ladies handbag.

Poursuite and Sentinelle Bags by Moynat

Known for its signature Limousine trunk – a curved trunk that follows the rounded roof of a car, today the Moynat can’t be beat when it comes to ladies’ totes and men’s attaches. The craftsmanship shows in every piece.

Pauline Bag and Limousine Briefcase by Moynat

Definitely stop by this boutique full of history (and beautiful bags!) next time you’re in Paris. Bisous! -LM and Jesse