On The Scene: Coachella


Coachella… It’s really about the music, right? Well for me it’s always about fashion/people watching. I love the festival free-style, as I like to call it. I went with my friends Audi Martel (model/singer in Le Blonde) and Susie Lee (makeup artist and creator of VT’s favorite organic oil, Echo Vie) and as you can see from our pics, it’s all about the ease and comfort of a bohemian look! Here are my Coachella Fashion Top 5:

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If you’re planning to go to Coachella next year, LM the virgo recommends… always be prepared:

  1. BOOTS!  It’s dusty and there are 80,000 people to crush your toes!
  2.  A jacket for when the sun goes down… cropped, leather or cargo lend themselves to the boho look.
  3. A scarf or a bandana to protect you from the dust on the long walk back to your ride! –X LM