One Birthday at the VT Office: Feelin’ It!

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Ksenia and I am fortunate enough to be working at what might be the most fun company to work for… Visual Therapy! Being surrounded by people who truly believe in the magic of transformations that begin from the inside is very inspiring. Audrey Hepburn once said: “Happy girls are pretty girls”. No dress, designer bag or fancy shoes will make you look beautiful unless you’re  – here comes Jesse’s signature phrase, which pretty much explains what we do here at VT – FEELIN’ IT!

My freshly created inspiration board.

This morning, I stepped into the office with my home version of a blow dry, a plain white t-shirt, my favorite printed skirt and bright sandals. Everyone wished me a happy birthday, and then it all began… Jesse took me by the hand and said (in a very serious tone): “Grab the latest Vogue and pull images that inspire you. I need one full-body look and one beauty shot of hair. This is your first assignment for the day.” I’m not going to say no to my boss, am I?

Half an hour later, I followed Jesse to Deja Vous Salon on 56th street, famous for their quick and fabulous blow dries. Jesse instructed my hair stylist, Eli: “I don’t want her to come back to the office until she looks like THAT picture.”

Jesse & I at Deja Vous. Let's call this the "before" picture.

Another half an hour later, I was walking back to the office, feeling like a rockstar with a new haircut and fun side bangs.

Eli of Deja Vous salon and I: now I'm really starting to feel it!

Très contente, I walk into the office and find a fruit tart from my favorite bakery, Mangia (thank you, Jill!) and pretty violet flowers. As I was about to continue with my “to-do” list, Jesse grabbed me once again, this time with Sarah. I had no idea where we were going.

Sarah, Jesse and I at Zara

A few short minutes and many to-die-for 5th Avenue window displays, I find myself in Zara’s fitting room, trying on a Proenza Schouler-like fitted scuba dress. No, that’s not the one. Then Jesse brings this Audrey little black dress… it might be the one! When I put it on with a pair of gold snake flats, all that’s left to say is CHIC! You can’t go wrong with a LBD. Once you find the perfect fit, you can use it as your baseline and wear practically anywhere. It’s all about picking the right accessories.

The "After" picture: feeling happy and chic (and carrying a new VTLuxe bag!)

The Audrey dress was the first thing that Jesse laid his eyes on the minute we entered the store… HOW DOES HE DO THAT? How did he know that this dress would fit my body type, be the perfect length and… just be so perfect? Well, that’s what the whole Visual Therapy magic is about, I guess. After so many years in fashion, Jesse, Joe and Sarah and the rest of the team just know WHAT works for any person they work with, and makes them feel absolutely amazing. Thank you for the best birthday surprise ever, VT team!