Monday Activewear Launches At Bandier

monday active

Founders of A Bikini A Day Devin Brugman and Tash Oakley know a thing or two about working out. The Aussie/US travel the world showing off the latest bikinis (and super toned abs).

The story goes like this:

“A Bikini A Day was created during the summer of 2012 when two friends decided to team up and travel, with nothing more than a suitcase full of bikinis, to beach destinations such as California, Mexico, Hawaii and Australia. When they decided to upload daily photos of themselves in different bikinis, there began a collaborative path that has resulted in A Bikini A Day.” 

It didn’t take long for a fun idea to turn into a global brand, a private bikini label Monday Swimwear, and now–an activewear capsule, exclusively launched this week at Bandier.

The capsule consists of six sleek, understated and easy to wear pieces that make the perfect workout wardrobe update. We’re also into the empowering messages behind the label: “You’ve got this”, and “#BodyLove“.

“If there is one thing we thoroughly believe, it’s that feeling good about ourselves doesn’t develop as the result of countless hours in the gym or a grueling diet, but the way we think. First and foremost, feeling good comes from within,” Monday Activewear founders write on their website. We tend to agree!

Shop Monday Activewear collection exclusively at Bandier.   
monday activemonday active