Mini Style Hacker: Menswear Trends By a 4-Year Old

Remember Mayhem, the toddler that wears red carpet-worthy creations made of paper and tape? Now, there’s a fashion Instagram for men represented with equal style and creativity. Meet 4-year-old Ryker Wixom, aka Mini Style Hacker, who, with help from mom Collette, adapts the latest in menswear trends for the pre-school set.

As mom Collette writes on her blog, “This all started when a friend showed me pictures of a few “fashion kids” on instagram.  The first thing I noticed was a Gucci belt and Ferragamo shoes.  Although I thought the kids looked adorable, I knew that my kids would probably not be wearing those designers in the near future. I thought it would be fun to ‘hack’ the style of men in fashion and show other parents how they could do the same.”  Move over, Ryan Gosling! 

So how does Collette keep Ryker interested? “I am able to get him to “pose” by making it fun for him.  We use our imaginations a ton and have a great time while doing so.  If you see him with his hands in his pockets, he is holstering his imaginary laser guns.  If you see him leaning against a wall, he is trying to push it over with his body weight,” says mom of two boys.  

Here are some of our favorite looks by MiniStyleHacker – see more on Instagram.

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Hack Mini Style Hacker’s look with our picks.

  1. Rag & Bone “Moonshine Classic” Shirt,
  2. Moncler Colorblock Jersey Tee,
  3. Thom Browne Check Poplin Shirt,
  4. Ray Ban Clubmaster Folding Acetate and Metal Polarised Sunglasses, 
  5. J. Crew 9″ Stanton Cotton-Twill Shorts,
  6. Harrys Of London Sneakers,