Mask Up & Stay Safe This Holiday Weekend

Image courtesy of Alexander Wang

The holiday weekend has just about begun and even though many states have been in the process of reopening for a few weeks now, Corona Virus cases have been increasing every day. It’s more important than ever that we continue to socially distance and wear face masks to protect ourselves and others.

Below are a 7 helpful tips for staying safe and virus free this Independence Day!

1. The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings when in public and when social distancing is not possible.

2. Always try to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and people not in your household, avoid crowds and large group activities.

3. Many brands and designers are now producing stylish and affordable cloth masks for purchase, and it’s a good idea to have a few on hand when washing or sanitizing them daily isn’t an option.

4. When you can’t wash your mask and need to re-use it, try a portable UV sanitizing wand. Our team uses one daily when on the go.

5. If you feel sick or have a fever, do not go out in public! Unless it’s to seek medical attention.

6. Wear your damn mask correctly! Make sure it covers your nose and mouth completely.

7. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer when on the go.

Our team and many others in the fashion and film industries are maintaining safety standards this holiday weekend, let’s follow their lead and do our part to contain the virus.

Jesse Garza

VT Cofounder Jesse Garza wears a custom Hermès shoe bag mask.

Joe Lupo

VT Cofounder Joe Lupo wears a black mask while out in NYC.

Lisa Marie McComb

Lead Stylist Lisa Marie McComb wears a Jeune Otte mask while on the job.

Kellye Henton

Lead Stylist Kellye Henton wears a nude satin mask from Etsy in NYC.

Lead Stylist Gabriela Rocha wears a designer face mask by Faith in LA.

Stylist Nikki Rose wears a black face mask in NYC.

Lead Stylist Michael Kramer wears an I Wear This Mask For You mask in LA.

Studio Director Lindsey Weisbrot wears a Joah Love face mask in NYC.