Joe Lupo on Gift-Giving: ‘You Don’t Have to Spend A Lot of Money’

Interview with genConnect on Gift-Giving

Don’t break the bank this holiday season. Watch style guru and Visual Therapy co-founder Joe Lupo discuss giving on a budget

Visual Therapy was founded in 1995 by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo. The pair created a new standard of style and became a leader in Luxury Lifestyle Consulting. Jesse and Joe’s unique 5-step approach to identifying and cultivating ‘your style type’ is transforming men and women’s fashion everywhere. The style duo launched their first accessories collection, called VT Luxe, exclusively for QVC in April. Joe suggests checking out the new line for holiday gift ideas. “Things like accessories that they don’t have to worry about or return [make great gifts],” Lupo told genConnect. “We have a new collection on QVC, as you know, called VT Luxe. One of my favorite things, one of the best gifts, I think, from the collection is a Faux Fur Infinity Scarf. I think it’s twenty-nine or thirty-nine dollars. It’s great and cool and it looks good on a girl of any age.”

While finding gifts is always a holiday priority, Joe suggested stepping back and take a breath from fast-paced holiday shopping.

“The first thing I like to say is be grateful during the holiday season,” Lupo said, “because this is really the season when we kind of all get caught up in all the fluster of everything that is going on and we kind of forget to think of others, even though we are shopping for others.  I say when you are shopping for someone, it’s hard when you’re going shopping not to look for a little something for yourself, but definitely think of what is it this person loves,  what is it about this person that I love, why is this person special and go from there.”

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