Jewelry Feature: Shawn Warren’s Rocked-Out Elegance

Fancy something sparkly, vintage-inspired, versatile and, most importantly, something that you won’t see on five of your girlfriends? If so, we’ve found a new line of jewelry for you. Shawn Warren‘s gorgeous collection consists of chic, sexy everyday pieces with a rocked-out edge.

Shawn’s jewelry is handmade with a magical quality that transcends the borders of rough and delicate. Think raw agate and elegant diamonds, rock star leather chords and delicate chains. Tough and elegant is not an easy combo to pull off, but Shawn clearly has it down – and that’s what distinguishes it from any other brand.

Our favorite thing about Shawn Warren jewelry is its versatility: it can be worn with a simple tee or a cocktail dress, alone or combined with other pieces that you already have.

Shawn’s jewelry is almost ageless – hits all the right notes: if you’re mature, it makes you cool and if you’re younger, it steps up your look.

Shawn Warren’s jewelry not only makes a fashion statement, but also supports a good cause: ten percent of all sales are donated to to cancer and animal-related charities. Shop on! – Jesse