VT Home: Let There Be Light

VT Home: Into the Light

The old saying “lighting is everything” is without question an absolute in the world of interior design. Over lighting a room can be unflattering, offensive, and borderline clinical. Conversely, not enough light, while sexy and moody, can often leave you in the dark. If you are stumped on which way to go with your home’s lighting scheme, read on for some helpful tips and inspiring examples to make sure you’re on the right track.

1.Put everything on a dimmer.

I always opt for dimmer switches in every room on nearly every fixture. This way, you can use the maximum wattage in each fixture when you need to while also having the flexibility to dim it to a more pleasing level.

2.Indirect lighting is a great solution if you’re about to embark on a construction project in your home.

There are so many options with LED technology that are warm or cool, provide the ideal amount of light, and are the perfect compliment to decorative fixtures and lamps in a room.

3.Be cautious during the placement of overhead spots.

Down lighting above a sofa or dining table that cannot be adjusted tends to be extremely unflattering.

4.Pattern light fixtures and shades add interesting shadow effects to a room and create an intimate mood.

When necessary, try to provide additional lighting options in the room for more functionality.

5.Be mindful of colorful glass globes as they will illuminate the room in a lighter version of the color they appear.

VT Home: Into the Light

A wall of walnut wood and indirect lighting add a warm and cozy feeling to an otherwise cold and contemporary bedroom.

VT Home: Into the Light

Black walls and surfaces with black light fixtures create a sexy, masculine, and moody vibe. It’s Important to have high watt lighting and a dimmer in this case as the black will tend to absorb light and effect functionality.

VT Home: Into the Light

A wildly whimsical Herve van der Straeten light fixture is the highlight of this colorful home.

VT Home: Let there be Light

LED tape lighting in this contemporary home casts a warm light that is both flattering, cozy and most importantly—functional.