Interview: Gianne Doherty, Founder Of Organic Bath Co.

Indulging in the most pure, organic beauty products that nourish your skin and nurture the planet, while giving back to those in need. How perfect does that sound?

Once a seeker to find a remedy agains hives, Gianne Doherty is now an entrepreneur who founded Organic Bath Co., making her vision of luxury and wellness her reality.

Gianne found an authentic way to share her gift with the world, and is now providing opportunities for others to do so through WELL Summit, an event of luxury, wellness and giving back.

Get to know Gianne and learn more about the WELL Summit in our exclusive interview!

Organic Bath organic skincare and beauty products // Interview with founder Gianne Doherty on
How did you start Organic Bath Co.?

A fews year ago, when my skin broke out in hives from my everyday lotions, my boyfriend Jay and I ended up making a pure, unscented, shea butter-based body butter for me that my skin still loves to this day.

I began researching the personal care industry and was struck by the lack of regulation. I was determined to make safe products for myself and family and friends. Organic Bath Co. was founded out of necessity for my skin and inspiration for making the world a little bit better.

What separates Organic Bath Co. from other natural skincare products?

I am a big fan of all natural skincare products! I love that there are so many effective and healthy beauty options that consumers can choose from. Something we are especially proud of at Organic Bath is that we give back with every purchase… whether you purchase directly from us or at one of our spa or retail locations. Our decision to give back with every purchase was made from day one, before we even had a website.

Jay and Gianne, founders of Organic Bath

Jay and Gianne, founders of Organic Bath

What makes Organic Bath Co. luxury products? 

Luxury to us is a feeling. It’s taking time to care for yourself. It’s choosing products crafted with quality ingredients. It’s not selfish, it’s self care!  Our hope is that Organic Bath Co. encourages you to create regular self care rituals.

What is your personal favorite product from Organic Bath Co. line?

This is always so hard for me to choose! My favorite product line is the Stress Less line. The Bulgarian Lavender-scented products are so soothing and are always included in my nighttime ritual. We are currently working on a Stress Less candle and a Stress Less aromatherapy rollerball that will be released later this month.

Organic Bath organic skincare and beauty products // Interview with founder Gianne Doherty on

One of your missions is to support Fair Trade. What does it mean to you and how do you make it part of your business?

I grew up traveling quite a bit and have lived in over 5 countries. I know the communities that depend on fair wages. As a consumer, I look for companies and products that are committed to ensuring that everyone in their supply chain is treated fairly. I believe the Fair Trade motto “Every Purchase Matters.”

As a business owner, I prefer to pay more for ingredients such as the sugar for our Fair Trade certified scrubs to give us peace of mind that everything was ethically produced. As we grow, we hope to visit more of the communities our ingredients come from and establish direct relationships with them.

Onto WELL Summit… how did you come up with the idea of organizing a Wellness, Luxury and Empowerment conference?

We found that our families and friends were asking our opinion on a lot of different aspects of wellness: Where can we go to get sustainable, cute clothing? Is a natural mattress really comfortable? What do you think I should eat? Since we’re immersed in natural skincare, people assumed we’d know about all the other spokes in the wellness wheel. We decided to create a place–a destination weekend–where all of these questions and more would be addressed. The W.E.L.L. Summit is that place!

What is your vision for the first WELL Summit?

Community. Collaboration. Education. Empowerment: I hope to bridge the community between different aspects of wellness; Healthy beauty, fitness, food, etc. To truly live a life of wellness you need to approach it holistically. I hope that everyone realizes that as a consumer, they have the power to change industries!

As Anna Lappe says, every time we spend a dollar we cast our vote for the type of world we want to live in.  As more and more people pay attention to their ingredients and purchase organic, corporations and business will have no choice but to pay attention.

Organic Bath organic skincare and beauty products // Interview with founder Gianne Doherty on

What gave you the courage to bring the WELL Summit from an idea to reality? 

I am part of an amazing team. Whenever one of us gets nervous, someone is there to ease those nerves. The passion of our speakers, sponsors and attendees also assures us that we are on the right path.

Who should attend WELL summit?

Anyone who wants to treat themselves to a wellness weekend, who wants to meet our speakers, or who wants to learn more about living a life of wellness.

What does wellness mean to you?

So many things! But overall, feeling balance in my life. Feeling good about the food I’m eating, taking time for self care, which means pampering myself…a candlelit bubble bath is something I recommend for everyone! A good book and hopefully lots of time and laughter with family and friends. And also maintaining a grateful attitude.

Organic Bath organic skincare and beauty products // Interview with founder Gianne Doherty on

What’s your style type? 
I took the Visual Therapy quiz, and it looks like my dominant style is “Chic.” I’ll take it!

Do you have a style icon? 

I have to say it’s Diane Von Furstenberg. I love her iconic wrap dresses! I think they are feminine, chic, easy to wear and look amazing on so many body types. I love DVF so much that I even picked up her DVF Target yoga mat collaboration. 🙂

Who are you currently inspired by? 

Gesche Wai-Yi Haas, the founder of Dreamers and Doers.  I admire Gesche for putting together a group of women entrepreneurs, encouraging us to collaborate, to network and to uplift one another. As an entrepreneur, as a “Dreamer”,  it’s amazing to have a safe place to vent, to humble brag and to be vulnerable.

Words you live by? 

I try to live in gratitude… and to smile! I try to remind myself no matter what is going on in my life, I have so much to be grateful for. There will of course be times of stress, or sadness and anger, but always, there are other things to appreciate. And smiling at others goes a long way. You never know who needs that dose of positive energy in their day!

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