Insider Exclusive: NYC Fall Shopping Diary with Dr. Melinda Knight

Melinda Knight's Fall Style File

Shopping is always fun with our client Dr. Melinda Knight, a busy successful doctor from Kenosha, Wisconsin who expresses herself through fashion – through her chic/avant-garde/whimsical style type, to be exact. The way we work with Melinda (and with most clients), is we start by asking her to pull images from fresh magazines that inspire her, in order to create a current season “style file”. Pinterest can work too. Then we go through the images, put the story together, and create a list of boutiques and stores to visit.

Dr. Melinda Knight & her stylist Jesse Garza

Many times, pieces that look stunning in editorials, end up not translating into real life – that’s why it’s always good to go to the boutiques and try on the clothes. You might be fainting over a pink feather jacket, but in reality it may look like a Halloween costume. Keep that in mind the next time you start saving up for that look you flagged in Vogue. Magazine editorials lay out the fantasy, not necessarily offering a real-life solution. That’s where we come in as wardrobe stylists and image consultants.

Editorial to reality: Melinda Knight in Dries Van Noten Coat at Bergdorfs

Editorial to reality: Melinda Knight in Dries Van Noten Coat at Bergdorfs

Working with clients is always a two-way street, and it is especially so with Dr. Knight. The process aims to bring out the best version of YOU, not blindly copy trends or celebrity style. Every person is unique, and so is their style. Filtering through each season’s trends and hot items, we’re the eyes and ears of our clients when it comes to finding those pieces that will instantly update their wardrobe, flatter their body type, bring out their style type, support their lifestyle, and provide looks for every event in their social calendar.


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Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes Red Sole Pump

While Melinda is a “frosting” kind of girl, drawn to those statement pieces that define and complete your look, I am always there to remind Melinda about the importance of basics that will set the foundation for each season’s wardrobe, or “the cake.” Together, we always turn it out so that Melinda never has another “I have nothing to wear” moment.

We started by reviewing pieces that Melinda had shopped for on her own in Chicago and at Forty Five Ten in DallasAfter giving our final say on what to keep, we hit the boutiques and stores.

Jesse Garza and Melinda Knight

As we wrote in our Spring Shopping Report with Melinda Knight, Spring/Summer is Melinda’s favorite season to shop. Solution to keep fall shopping exciting? Look out for fall collection pieces that are more suitable for spring, and save them for next season. How fun – you open your spring closet, and already have a pair of shiny colorful unworn Louboutins waiting for you!

Here’s your insider access into the stores that we visited, and the special pieces that we chose at Bergdorfs, Barneys NY and Dior.

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