Insider Access: The Row Pre-Fall 2019

Just when you didn’t think The Row could get any better—in came their Pre-Fall 2019 Collection. The amount of detail and thought that went into this magical line-up is well worth your attention.

In today’s world where the market is saturated with logos, branding, and short-lived trends, The Row embraces a minimalist look with a focus on quality, ease, and comfort. Because the fabrics they use are so luxurious and the cuts so well done, there is truly something very sensual and powerful about each and every piece. That being said, the brand fills a void in the market for simple, timeless pieces that are built for every day life.

As told by the sales manager during our preview, the collection was created with a specific client in mind—one who travels the world and needs a capsule that works in different climates with versatile pieces that go from day to night, and place to place. It’s a unique collection made up of easy, functional pieces in luxurious fabrics made using very special high-end construction techniques.

As we were taken through the collection Jesse, VT founder and lead stylist, commented,

“It’s exciting for me as a stylist who’s been in business for many years to see references to the great designers of the past such as Zoran, Armani, and Jil Sander.”

Mary Kate and Ashley have taken the very best of every great minimalist designer and made it their own modern, updated version. Take your own sneak peak into the beautiful and elegant collection ahead.