INSIDER ACCESS: NYC’s Dover Street Market


Dover Street Market

With our high end clientele, it’s absolutely crucial that we become exposed to everything available in stores (and online!) as soon as it drops. Every store has a different buy and we can’t risk skipping a single one if we’re going to find the best of the best for each of our VIP clients. Dover Street Market is one such stone we can’t leave unturned, as it’s an amazing resource and truly a breath of fresh air after our usual routine of 5th avenue boutiques.

The highly curated, avant-garde leaning boutique is 7 floors of expertly merchandised luxury fashion. Just visiting the store is a unique experience in and of itself and the exclusive pieces available there are an amazing bonus. They carry everything from Rick Owens, to Eckhaus Latta, to all the latest drops from street style favorite Vetements—and for all our Gucci heads—an entire floor is dedicated to the high fashion darling. This past week, while most city dwellers took their summer vacations, we did a walk through at Dover Street and flagged our favorite pieces for pre-fall and fall 2018.

Take a peek at some of our shots from the day below, and check out the INSIDER ACCESS page on our blog for more similar posts.

Dover Street Market NYCThe building Dover Street Market is housed on 30th and Lexington in was once a classical temple.

Dover Street Market NYCThe cafe on the first floor is a great spot to meet for a pre or post shopping snack. 

Dover Street Market NYCWith Rei Kawakubo as the founder, the Comme des Garçon collection is obviously a huge part of the store’s buy.

Dover Street Market NYCA psychedelic staircase leads up to more avant-garde fashion finds. 

Dover Street Market NYCNeon Prada accessories fit in perfectly with the boutique’s edgy aesthetic. 

Dover Street Market NYCView from the top: scoping out the fashion filled floors below.