INSIDER ACCESS: Hermès Fall/Winter ’18 Preview

Hermes Fall/winter 2018Image via WWD

Being a personal stylist definitely has its perks—we typically get to preview collections as soon as (or even before!) they hit the sales floor, and we often get first dibs on sizes and color-ways. The Hermès event we recently attended was one such opportunity where we were able to view the upcoming collection and flag our favorite pieces for our clients.

If we had to give one piece of fashion advice after this event, it would be to purchase the deerskin and other leather goods now and store them until fall! Due to limited availability and sizes, these über luxurious pieces are selling out very quickly. Keep scrolling for a few shots from the event and our 3 favorite looks from the Fall/Winter ’18 collection.

Jesse Garza, Lisa Marie McComb, Kellye HentonThe VT Team – Jesse Garza, Lisa Marie McComb, and Kellye Henton.

HermesViolinists played renditions of popular songs during the event.

HermesMannequins in head to toe Fall/Winter ’18 looks.

Lisa Marie McCombLead Stylist Lisa Marie tries on one of the fabulous deerskin coats.

HermesA rack of Fall/Winter pieces. The plaid coat is a must-have statement piece for fall. 

Jesse Garza and Kellye HentonThe spiral staircase at Hermès is always the perfect photo op location. 

Hermes Event Invitation

Hermès F/W ’18 – VT’s Picks
Hermes f/w 2018
Hermes f/w 2018Hermes f/w 2018