Inside The Designer’s Studio: Roland Mouret


If you’re a fan or private client of VT, it would be next to impossible not to notice our affinity for the masterful designer Roland Mouret. We caught up with Monsieur Mouret the last time he was in New York to sneak a peek at his fall collection at Bergdorf Goodman and find out a little more about what makes him tick. Enjoy! -Joe


We often describe your dresses to our clients as ‘bulletproof’ because they make a woman feel tastefully sexy and in control.  How do you achieve this so consistently in your designs? I have been working so much with celebrities on the red carpet, and I know the power of the dress. Women want to feel in control. When designing, I like to choose new parts of the body that I want to emphasize. This is easy for me because I know what makes a woman look beautiful.

Define the characteristics of the Roland Mouret woman. I am French. The Roland Mouret woman is a woman who really enjoys being a woman. She celebrates the fact that she was born this way. So many women complain about who they are. It is difficult to convince them that they should feature their body. The woman who is Roland Mouret enjoys her waist, her hips, her bust.  She is not a show-off woman, but she knows how to enter the room. She has the smarts to accentuate and to celebrate all of herself.

So far in your career, what was your proudest moment? My relationship with my dad, he was the most amazing man. I was lucky that my dad understood who I was before he passed away. Cutting and draping is my expertise. He understood this, he was a butcher and we were both skillful with our hands and tools.

What is your favorite look from your current collection? Number 17!!  It captures the movie ‘The Hunger’ with Catherine Deneuve which was my inspiration for the winter collection.

Of all the beautiful things you have created, is there one item that you would consider a greatest hit or all time favorite? The Galaxy Dress [see below] for sure! I am lucky to disappear behind my dresses. They are more known than me and this dress made me famous. I am happy to be famous because of my work, much more so than who I am as a person.

Where do you draw your inspiration most when you are creating a new collection? Inspiration ALWAYS comes from women. Women are so complex and every season I find two new contradictions. A woman is like a disco ball, she shines and reflects in so many directions.

What was the most inspiring movie for you as it relates to fashion or a sensibility? There are so many… I am a silver screen guy. There is not one movie, but at the moment it’s ‘The Hunger’. Catherine Deneuve moved and played with people. The concept of youth, how we refuse to age and try to preserve it is such a stigma in today’s society.  She is still as beautiful as ever.

Aside from fashion, what is your second love? If fashion is the first one, then my second love is my private life – my husband, my dog and my countryside.

What is your life motto, or words you live by? No regrets!!!!!