In Case You Missed It: MoMA’s Is Fashion Modern?

MoMA: Is Fashion Modern

Every once in a while an exhibit comes along that is so fascinating it makes you want to visit over and over again until you’re sure you haven’t missed a single detail. Such was the case with MoMA’s Items: Is Fashion Modern? 

The exhibit was essentially a display and description of the historical and social significance of 111 important fashion items from around the world. You’d be hard pressed to find an item in this exhibit you don’t own, and it was incredible to see some of the examples that were chosen—and original Champion hoodie from the 1980s, an incredibly well maintained little black Chanel dress from the 1920s, and a well-worn but still beautiful Hermés Birkin bag from the 1970s, among 108 others.

If you weren’t able to make it to the exhibit, which ran from Oct 1, 2017 – January 28, 2018, you can still experience it with the shots we took from our multiple visit below.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?

VT assistant Stephanie Hernandez poses with the list of 111 fashion items. MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Left to right: Coco Chanel c. 1926, Christian Dior c. 1950, and Givenchy c. 1968.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Right: Arnold Scaasi, c.1966.Far right: Rick Owens c. 2014.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Left to right: Thierry Mugler Dress c. 1981, Versace c. 1994.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Wolford, 1990.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Rudy Gernreich, 1970.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?A private collection of Maison Martin Margiela Tabby Shoes.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Left to right: Rei Kawakubo, Vivianne Westwood x Louis Vuitton c. 1996.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Left to right: Schott biker jacket c. 1950, Asher Levine Prototype.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Champion Hoodie 1980s.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Stephen Burrows c. 1974.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Calvin Klein c. 1994.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Cheongsam c. 1930s.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Dapper Dan c. 1980s.MoMA: Is Fashion Modern?Burberry Westminster Heritage Trench Coat.