How To Find Your Personal Style, According To Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine

It’s one thing to have great style, and a totally different thing to have a powerful style that is an authentic expression of who you are inside. Founder of Man Repeller Leandra Medine knows all about it.

On, she offers her take on developing your own personal style. Our favorite line is—”You can’t know your style until you know yourself.”

She continues with a fool-proof approach to finding your thing within the sea of style types and trends:

“Think about when you feel like the best and most comfortable version of yourself. What clothes propel that notion? Put them on, leave home, ask yourself if you wish you were wearing something else. If you do, what is that? Try that. If you don’t, amplify! Elaborate.”

“Good style doesn’t mean consistently changing. It means learning to make the same point over and over through the use of different methods. Maybe that means prints or colors or silhouettes that deviate only slightly.”